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This is the eve of 10!

No more single digits in our household. Samuel Wilson Bryant is turning 10 tomorrow! Sam, Sam-Sam, Sweet Sam, Samster, Little, Schwam, Sammy, whatever you are called, you are liked AND you are loved. You've been sweet since you were an infant. Easily consoled, easy going, one to go with the flow, and share a smile and a hug with anyone who needed one. The lines of your shoulders and your jaw line are no longer soft and squishy. Your knobby knees give your age away though. Your fingers and toes still look a small child's when they are playing in sand or holding a pencil or resting on the floor in too small pajamas with dirty feet cause you always go outside barefoot even when we tell you not to. Your sleeping face still looks so young even though your body is growing tall and lean. Your bed head is the best.

The perfect last chapter for our families. The youngest cousin on both sides of our families - making him the most spoiled and undoubtedly the most hugged.

He has wanted a little sister for as long as he could talk! Well, this year he kinda got one - our sweet Harper Grace - a fur sister whom he adores! He hugged and held her before any of us at our 1:1 visit when she was a puppy, staying still and silent the whole time. Once we finally adopted her a week later he told us through happy tears that he was afraid to get his hopes up that day so he just didn't say anything at all, holding his breath, waiting for our decision, praying for her.

Sam, you are kind, loyal, giving, empathetic, considerate, intuitive. Sometimes a bit impatient, distracted, forgetful, and, well, sleepy. You can completely block out the world around you, ignoring us all, and get lost in an art project, a paper airplane build, or a lego construction for long stretches of time, but watch out, because you might also just as easily be listening to every word spoken or unspoken around you and understand it all!

You refuse drama. You love Jesus. You really, REALLY love You Tube. You put up with your big

brother's shenanigans the way no other human on this planet does. You call your Grandparents on the phone just to chat. You absolutely love adventures and would stay on the road in an RV or in a tent for 365 days if you could. You are a good friend to many. You love all kinds of food. You dislike chores. You will fake being asleep on the couch just to avoid walking up the stairs to actually go to bed. You love the beach. You hate mushrooms. You can be sensitive. You can get angry quickly - you forgive just as quick. School is not your favorite. You do not like sports events. You do not like concerts (this one we must work on - I just won't accept this one!) You love to swim. You love all things on wheels. You love snuggles and expect them nightly.

It's so strange to think we are already a decade into your life and it's been my pleasure to watch you grow into the awesome human that you are. Thank you for being a good example in how to treat others - with kindness and respect, with quiet enthusiasm. Continue to let your light shine so bright and keep being exactly who you are. The world needs more Sam! Loved you first, buddy.......

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