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Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Finished a Charlotte Sprint-Triathlon yesterday with some fabulous people. Notice I didn't say "Rocked" or "Nailed" a Triathlon yesterday. This, folks, was not a lesson in prepare and practice to achieve great results. This was a lesson in do something because you said you were going to do it. Signed up for this thing whole-heartedly with Chelsea Ashworth last Spring with every intention to train and execute this event. The Summer flew by - sure I continued my usual fitness routine - yet only trained ONCE for this actual event.

The experience of this Tri mirrors life in the same way that art does. As I was experiencing the thing for 1 hour and 22 min I had a lot of time to reflect. Reflecting on my lack of cardio strength, for sure, as well as how the event was mirroring life. You see, the hardest part was the part where I was the most out of my element, the most uncomfortable. Even though I was a swimmer through childhood and all through high school, you may maintain the stroke execution yet you don't maintain the breathing skills necessary to be a strong, efficient swimmer. I was counting on muscle memory and adrenaline to get me through the first part of the Tri. 10 laps. 1st lap in and I am extremely out of breath. I had to modify my stroke so that I could simply breathe and I had to persevere because failure wasn't an option. People were counting on me and I was also accountable by those behind me not to stop and get in their way!

Lesson 1 - persevere knowing that it won't be that painful forever and that quitting isn't an option. Choose accountability. Next phase was the bike. I found that my strength here wasn't that I was the fastest, definitely not, my strength here was shockingly on the hills. That's where I found my strength and the only place I passed others. Much like life and in my career, the challenges are where I typically rise.

Lesson 2 - Accept responsibility for where you are, rise up, gear down, dig in, do what you have to do to get to the other side. Final leg is the run. The one piece of the race that I am the most comfortable with except I've had knee problems for a year and summer bronchitis that kept me from doing much of this either! You can have reasons or results! I knew I could do it, so I slowed down my pace a bit, I saved some energy for the end. My favorite part here was the surges of strength given from the support of other women races as well as the giving of support to other women. Made several friends. One specifically named Regina who you see me pictured with holding hands crossing the finish line. We were back and forth and on same path for the last 30 min of the race. Toward the end we stayed together so that we could finish strong and push each other together.

Lesson 3 - Do what you know works, give kindness and support freely without expecting it in return, and finish strong. Thank you Rambling Rose for a tough lesson in fitness, mirrored in life. I expect I'll see you again! Oh and I should note that Chelsea Ashworth did rock this event - she came she saw she conquered! #fiametro

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