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Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Long post alert, put your readers on...I love perspective. I love what I do. I love the agents that I am honored to coach and teach. I didn't just "arrive" here. I was brand new in Charlotte residential real estate at 23 years old, 17 years ago - deciding completely on faith and emotion on a new career. I made 10k my first year in real estate. I have been fired by clients. I have met people at homes to show them for the first time many times (never again!). I have mis-qualified clients and wasted my time. I have gotten lost showings houses to new clients. I have purchased a fridge because I messed up the contract. I have failed to keep up a database. I have lost track of my best advocates. I once attempted to start a team at my previous firm which totally flopped. I went through 2 assistants before I have the admin team I have now. I waited too long to change companies because I was "comfortable" where I was - aka nurtured into failure. I didn't understand numbers so I failed at business planning until just last year. I didn't want to be uncomfortable so I didn't hire a coach until 2 years ago. I had no idea the power of a Big Why or the concept at all until 3 years ago. I have made all the mistakes you have made or are about to make. Let me help you NOT make them. Let me help you Business Plan. Let me assist you in finding your Big Why. Here's my perspective on your Big Why. My husband and I just took our family on a 3 day camping trip. The campsite costs $9 per night. We all unplugged from technology, we talked, we didn't work, we snuggled, we walked and walked and walked some more, and then we laid in our Eno hammocks together and played Legos. During that time I had the realization that I was, indeed, about to turn 40. My oldest will leave the house around the same that I turn 50. Gulp. BIG GULP. So I got purposeful about making the best of that time. We talked as a family about what adventures we wanted to go on as a family before anyone went off to college. We came up with 5 vacations to take in the next 10 years: USA in an RV, Costa Rica, Brazil, Japan, France/Germany. And, you know what? We will be able to do these trips. How? Because we can. All these leaps of faith were fueling my Big Why this whole time. And, then when I got purposeful about it amazing things happened. When I hired a Coach, allowed accountability, did business planning, mapped out a Life By Design, and actually did the work that needed to be done this amazing thing happened. A conversation, an idea that we can plan, happened. My Big Why is a legacy for my kids. Do you think that these adventures will be a big part of that legacy for them. Absolutely. What is your Big Why? What amazing things will you be able to do when the right actions take place? It isn't rocket science here, it's making the decision day after day to do the activities you outline for yourself to do. It's knowing that failing forward is learning and growth - it is not falling.

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