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Habits One Day at a Time - Devotions, Where to Start?

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

In several end of year goal setting sessions that I either listened to as 2020 wrapped up, participated in, led, or was coached on there was a theme around habits. This is not new information to me or to any of you who have ever been through goal setting - whether this is for your career or your personal life.

It's the Wheel of Life, the 7 Circles, etc, the list of areas in your life that encompass your whole self not just your "work" self. And, I don't mean work as in just in a career. This can also mean CEO of your home "work" self. I've been that too and it requires the same discipline and intention as career goal setting if not more!

The List of Circles goes something like this:

  1. Our spiritual life

  2. Our physical health

  3. Our personal life

  4. Our key relationships

  5. Our job

  6. Our business

  7. Our finances

The one "circle" that I always scored low and always felt I should pay more attention to was the Spiritual one. It always seems to be at the top of the lists too, no matter the source. hmmmmm. I always scored low on that one and I never seemed to gather any traction. It seemed complicated, too big to tackle, too hard to do alone, too tough to find accountability around. Let's be clear, I just didn't commit to making a change on this one. So, I'm starting super small. I'm reading 2 pages a day and I'm checking one small box. That's it. 2 pages, and a checkmark.

My business coach cares enough about me to keep asking me what my plan is around this "circle." (Thank you Leah) So I made a plan and a way to measure it and report out my action, no matter how small. I will read the daily devotion in these 2 books and I will check that I have done so in this journal/planner. Thanks Jeff for the gift of this book before I even knew I needed it. That's it, it's that simple, it takes maybe 5 min and it's an anchor in my day I know I can achieve. No expectations on this habit, this circle, even the results, just doing the thing.

I'll share the other circles and what small habits I am doing there as well. Would love to know your small ways, your life hacks, how you focus on yourself? 2021 isn't magical - a page wasn't turned that erased all the difficulties of 2020 as much as we would all like. I know I need some different intentionality than I did 6 months ago. I believe humanity needs intentional habits around community, grace, patience, and understanding more than ever as we embark on the unknowns of this year.

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