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Do you need an agent when buying New Construction?

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Just a lit bit about us and how our team can help with new construction. Building a home is exciting…you are ready to get started. But are you? Builders don’t always have your best interest in mind. Before you start it is important to have a Realtor by your side. Our team has experience in Charlotte, NC new home construction as well as interior design. This knowledge and experience allows us to negotiate the best deals for our clients. Builders, in order to maintain the integrity of the community’s sale prices, won’t negotiate on price but there are many things that are negotiable that buyers often don’t know to ask for…like; incentives, upgrades, packages, etc. The price is definitely not the only thing negotiable. It is also easy for buyers to go over budget. You’ve agreed to a sales price and after going to the builder’s design center meeting you are hit with a big change order for upgrades.

Our team knows the importance of negotiating these upgrades upfront and has the design background to know what is going to look great in your home. There are also inspection nuances that aren’t known by the general public that we know to ask for and make sure are covered in the contract. Financing is another big thing to watch out for…sometimes rates are bumped even when “incentives” are offered and using the builder’s preferred lender isn’t always the best deal for the buyer. Our team has dealt with all of these issues plus closings being delayed, sewer grates being placed in the middle of the driveway, appraisal issues, new impact fees in Fort Mill, SC real estate specifically…there are so many reasons to always use a Realtor…the commission is already built in to the builders pricing…so don’t walk it alone and let these issues ruin the experience.

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