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The "a" in Zillow......

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

In today’s world you can find information about anything online in minutes. Home buyers and sellers have likely googled the property address, gathered the tax information and have the “zestimate” from Zillow before making an offer or listing their home for sale. As real estate agents we hear this everyday…Zillow says…Trulia says…Redfin says. But what people often don’t understand is that the algorithms these online sites often use are not accurate. Do you think Zillow knows the difference between Queens Rd W, Queens Rd E, and Queens Rd in Charlotte, NC? Good agents do. Do you think Truila knows that CATS just approved the Silver Line Expansion and how that will impact the MoRA neighborhoods…good agents do. Does Redfin know which condominiums have had issues with radon gas…good agents do. Can Google accurately decipher the differences between builder warranties… good agents can. Do you think a computer algorithm can tell how another agent negotiates…good agents can. These are just a few reasons why these online estimates are not accurate. Don’t leave money on the table or let your home sit overpriced on the market…call us today our agents have the knowledge and experience to accurately price any property.

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